What's New


//Ro v2.22022-12-27

  • Improve SQLite Performance

    Improve performance when saving base64 fields to a SQLite database

//Ro v2.1.12022-12-12

  • Bug Fix

    Fix Windows and MacOS Builds For SQLite Output

//Ro v2.12022-12-08

  • SQLite Output

    Write exported data to a SQLite database

  • Improved Base64 Field Support

    Back up large files in Salesforce without exhausting memory

  • Config File

    Optional config file as an alternative to command-line flags

//Ro v2.02019-05-10

  • First public release

  • Base64 Fields

    Back up binary (base64-encoded) fields to separate files

  • Concurrent Jobs

    Run bulk jobs concurrently for faster backups

  • PK Chunking

    Enable PK chunking automatically to reduce backup time