What's New


//Apex Flame v1.82018-03-28

  • Spring '18 Bug Fix

    Fix for Spring '18 in Salesforce Classic. The svg icon for Lightning Experience broke the flamegraphs.

//Apex Flame v1.72017-11-24

  • Busy Indication

    The page is dimmed and input is blocked while a log is being loaded.

  • Update Log Table Columns

    Display the log timestamps in local time. Remove the log id column.

  • Hide Apex Flame logs

    Log messages generated by Apex Flame itself (used to track usage during the free trial) are not displayed.

//Apex Flame v1.52016-08-09

  • Handle Logs Without Millisecond-Precision Timestamps

    Fix log parsing to handle logs that do not contain millisecond-precision timestamps.

  • Display Fatal Errors

    Display fatal errors in the flame chart.

//Apex Flame v1.42016-02-01

  • Trace ApexCode at FINE Level

    Set ApexCode log level to FINE by default to capture method entry/exit events in Winter '16 and later orgs.

//Apex Flame v1.32016-01-29

  • Generate from SOQL Queries

    Add option to generate the flame chart based on the number of SQOL queries executed instead of execution time.

  • Performance Improvement

    Improve performance when there are long text strings included in the flame chart, such as long SOQL queries.

//Apex Flame v1.22015-08-18

  • Uncollapsed Charts

    Render frames uncollapsed, chronologically, by default.

  • Resize Flame Graph

    Automatically resize flame graph when window size changes.

//Apex Flame v1.12015-08-10

  • First public release