What's New


//Lunasa v1.212023-04-10

  • Default Account List View

    Add setting to optionally set the default Account list view

//Lunasa v1.202023-02-16

  • Add Event Type

    Make Event.Type available to the Create Event Field Set

//Lunasa v1.192020-10-20

  • Limit Modal Width

    Restrict the maximum width of the Event editing modal window to avoid stretching fields too much on high resolution screens

//Lunasa v1.182020-09-24

  • Single Column Mode

    Optionally display Event fields in a single column

//Lunasa v1.162019-12-10

  • Filter By Sort Field

    Filter Accounts by any sort field, not just Account Name

  • Compact View

    New compact view for low resolution screens

//Lunasa v1.152019-10-14

  • Hide Weekends

    New custom setting to optionally hide weekends on calendar

  • Configurable Last Appointment Time Slot

    New custom setting to set last appointment time slot to display on calendar

//Lunasa v1.142019-08-01

  • Show All Subjects

    Display all Subject picklist options rather than requiring use of autocomplete when there are more than 10 options

  • Use Translated Subject

    When using a translated picklist value for the Subject, store the translated label

  • More Than 100 Events Per Month

    All Events for the current calendar are loaded

  • Configurable Earliest Appointment Time Slot

    New custom setting to set earliest appointment time slot to display on calendar

//Lunasa v1.132019-01-22

  • Delete Events

    Delete Events from modal dialog

//Lunasa v1.122019-01-07

  • First AppExchange Release

  • Bug Fix

    Fix sorting on custom Account fields

//Lunasa v1.112018-11-30

  • Account Search

    Searching within Account list views

//Lunasa v1.102018-11-28

  • Account Filter

    Filter Accounts by first letter of Account Name

//Lunasa v1.92018-11-14

  • Touch Screens

    Drag and drop on touch screens

//Lunasa v1.82018-09-26

  • Bug Fix

    Fix error when there are Account fields that are inaccessible to the user

//Lunasa v1.72018-09-12

  • Bug Fix

    Fix Account list views that include Scope, e.g. "My Accounts"

//Lunasa v1.62018-08-31

  • Time Zone Abbreviation

    Show correct timezone abbreviation based on daylight-saving time

  • Event Record Types

    Filter Event picklist fields based on Record Type

  • Account Address

    Display Account address when adding an Event

//Lunasa v1.52018-08-24

  • Required Fields

    Validate that required Event fields are set

//Lunasa v1.42018-08-20

  • Per-User Calendar

    Only display current user's Events on calendar

//Lunasa v1.32018-08-19

  • User Timezone

    Use timezone from User record rather than browser's timezone

//Lunasa v1.22018-08-16

  • Default Values

    Use default values for picklist and combobox fields on Event object

  • Agenda View

    Display Agenda Week view by default

//Lunasa v1.12018-08-08

  • Bug Fix

    Fix SOQL query used to query events

//Lunasa v1.02018-07-28

  • First Public Release