Ro Backup

Ro Backup is a command line utility to back up your Salesforce org.


  • Easy to Use

    One command to back up all of your Salesforce data

  • Fast

    Runs Bulk API jobs in parallel to export your data quickly

  • Easy to Manage

    Stores all exported data in a single zip file by default

  • Flexible Backup Options

    For even faster backups, select specific objects to include or exclude

  • Output Options

    Save CSV or JSON to a zip file or a directory, or save to a SQLite database

  • Multiple Authentication Options

    Use username/password, OAuth, or JWT to authenticate

//Use Cases

  • Automate Your Backups

    Set up automated backups to avoid wasting time downloading data exports

  • Explore Your Data

    Quickly export all records with all fields for exploratory analysis