What's New


//Kanban for Salesforce v1.152016-12-13

  • Summer '16 Bug Fix

    Add work-around for bug introduced in Summer '16 which breaks the CSS included within the managed package.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.142016-05-13

  • Support Objects Without Queues

    Add support for use with objects that do not support Queues such as Opportunity.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.132015-09-29

  • Make Chatter Optional

    Add support for use in orgs with Chatter not enabled.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.122015-08-10

v1.11 was not released.
  • Bug Fix

    Fix problem with application initialization after trial expiration.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.102015-07-22

  • Make Tagging Optional

    Kanban for Salesforce can now be installed in orgs without Tagging enabled. Tags will be still be displayed and used for filtering, if enabled.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.92015-07-21

  • Improved Card Display

    Improve the rendering of the card title when there are many stage columns.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.82015-04-11

v1.7 was not released.
  • Prepaid Billing Support

    Update subscription management to support prepaid billing, by customer request. (Email if you are interested in prepaying yearly by invoice.)

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.62014-09-17

Replaces v1.5, which was not installable due to a packaging problem.
  • Bug Fixes

    Fix loading of cards without estimates when there are more than 100 cards on the board.

  • Minor UI Improvement

    Increase contrast of selected filters.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.42014-07-07

  • Bug Fixes

    Fix asynchronous loading of cards, automatically enabled when there are more than 100 cards on the board.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.32013-06-09

  • "Kanban Anything"

    Any standard or custom object can be used instead of the included Card and Sprint objects.

  • Configuration improvements

    New Permission Sets for Force.com platform license users.

    Add Configure button to package which load Custom Settings screen.

  • Bug Fixes

    Summer '13 Compatibility bug fix.

    Fix moving cards when Sprints are not being used.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.22012-11-30

  • Support for Custom Fields

    Filter cards by custom picklist fields.

  • Bug Fixes

    Disable caching of Visualforce pages.

    Display default avatar if none available for card owner.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.12012-08-08

  • Support for Tags

    Tags attached to cards are displayed, and can be used to filter.

  • Age and Staleness filtering

    Filter cards by age and days since last updated.

//Kanban for Salesforce v1.02012-07-28

  • First public release

    First release of the new Kanban for Salesforce app, based on the earlier Caseboard app for managing Cases on a kanban board.

  • Sprint Planning

    Introduce Sprint Planning mode to manage cards that are part of a planned sprint or release.

  • Points

    Display points or estimate on cards.