October Swimmer Salesforce Development and Consulting

October Swimmer builds software to help organizations function more efficiently.


October Swimmer makes software applications for organizations. Check out some of our tools below, or read more about our Salesforce consulting services.

//Ro Backup

Back up all of your Salesforce data quickly from the command line.


  • Easy to Use

  • Fast

  • Flexible Backup Options

  • Output Options

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Simple meeting and appointment scheduling straight from your Salesforce accounts


  • Native Force.com App

  • Lightning Compatible

  • Customizable

  • Time-Saving

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//Kanban for Salesforce

Manage projects within Salesforce using kanban. Optionally, organize your kanban cards into sprints.


  • Native Force.com App

  • Visualize Project Status

  • Prioritize

  • Filters

  • Chatter

  • Sprint Planning

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//Apex Flame

Apex Flame is a tool for profiling Salesforce applications by visualizing the information in debug logs.


  • Native Force.com App

  • Profile Salesorce Applications Visually

  • Drill Down

  • Search

  • Chonological and Collapsed Views

  • Multiple Log Processing Options

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